If you don’t have to use animal products to make a yummy treat, why should you? We specialize in all-natural products that are non-GMO, vegan, never artificial and incorporate local flavors. It’s really important to us that flavor and integrity are not compromised in “going vegan.” We want people to snarf down our baked goods, then watch their faces explode with disbelief when they find out it’s vegan.

We partner with foodies and drinkies within our community to bring their flavors to our cakes because it’s fun and we love our people. Our list of partners includes Buddha’s Brew Kombucha, Cuvee Coffee, Jester King Craft Brewery, Johnson’s Backyard Garden, Buzz Mill Coffee, Austin Pesto Co., Happy Hemp, SRSLY Chocolate, Bona Dea, Revolution Spirits, NadaMoo!, Tequila 512 & Treaty Oak Distillery. We won’t stop there, we want to push the taste buds of our community and make the world a tastier place in the process.

Our ingredients are clean. When we started our business, we built our personal food standards around our family’s food standards. If we won’t feed it to our kids, we won’t feed it to you. We take pride in quality control and use as many local, fair trade and/or organic ingredients as we can.





“Food and family are a huge part of my Persian culture. I was raised on exotic flavor profiles and have always loved being in the kitchen. Design is my life though, and getting to translate my love of branding and marketing into something of my own is the most rewarding experience. Through our local partnerships, I have gained both mentors and life long friends. It is through all of our shared experience that we have been brought together to create this new definition of locally sourced.”




“When I started vegan baking, I didn’t like any of the cookbooks, so I got out my grandmother’s recipe box and started converting. I turn to the spirit of my Czech and Southern roots to develop recipes that taste as good as or better than their “traditional” counterparts. Partnering with other local vendors is a gift. It allows me the opportunity to learn more about food, how to best incorporate unique ingredients it into my recipes, and how to create truly local taste experiences creating with balanced flavors.”